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              ABOUT ADAM

Adam is a native Tennessean who recently moved back to Tennessee to start his own law practice. After graduating from Lee University in Cleveland, TN, he went to seminary in Missouri, pastored in North Carolina, and then went to law school at the University of North Carolina, driven by a passion to broaden his ability to advocate for people. After law school he worked exclusively in post-conviction, helping federal inmates across the country during the COVID pandemic, and helping numerous clients in state penitentiaries across North Carolina. He has since worked on federal asset forfeiture cases, and spent countless hours pouring through the asset forfeiture laws specific to Tennessee to create a guidebook and video series designed to help people who could not typical afford a lawyer for those proceedings. 

Adam is also published in the field of data privacy and security, and is a Certified Information Privacy Professional for the US sector. He is an active member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, and stays up to date on developments in the world of data privacy consulting. He and his wife Kate live in middle Tennessee with their twin boys and their Siberian husky, Juneau.