What is Civil Litigation? 

Civil litigation might best be understood in contrast to its opposite, criminal litigation. In the civil world an individual or business brings a claim. In the criminal world the state or the federal government brings a charge. The remedies are also different. In the criminal world, if the state wins, the individual suffers a criminal penalty, ranging from a fine to extended prison time. In the civil world, if the person or business making a civil claim wins, the winner receives tyipcally receives money and/or injunctive relief. Money is, well, what it sounds like, and that is typically how these cases are resolved (for a simple example, I paid you 1000 dollars for a job you didn’t do – the remedy is getting that 1000 dollars back from you). Injunctive relief is when the person against whom the claim was made is told by the court to stop doing something (for example, to stop disposing of hazardous waste improperly, or stop letting your dog in my yard).  
Everything said so far covers an extremely broad array of potential claims, but I think its helpful to start there. 

How can my office help you?

As far as whether or not the civil claim you have is one that I could assist you with, the easiest way for us to determine that is for you to click the contact link at the bottom of the page and schedule a consultation. If it turns out your civil issue is not a good fit for our office, I will make it a point to refer you to a civil lawyer I trust to handle your case well.