Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law involves “tort” law or any law that has to do with bringing a civil lawsuit against another person or entity for which you seek civil damages. In a personal injury lawsuit, you are bringing a case in which you need to prove 1) the defendant was liable for causing you harm and 2) if they were liable, they owe you money to make you whole.

For liability, Tennessee is a “comparative fault” state, meaning if you were to go to trial, the court must find you were 49% or less liable for your injuries to be entitled to any compensation. If a jury finds you were half or more at fault for your injuries, the defendant is not liable, and you will come away with nothing.

The main questions people ask about a personal injury case are “How long is the case going to last?” and “How much is my case worth?”

It’s important to understand:

Personal Injury Law Overview

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There are a few steps of a personal injury case that determine how long it will last. 

What are the highest amounts, caps, you can be awarded for economic, non-economic and punitive damages?